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Sitecore Symposium 2018
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BO219177 - Data-driven Sitecore: Getting a unified view of the customer to drive targeted marketing experiences Data is everywhere – in your back-office tools, in your marketing platforms, and online. Unfortunately many brands are not utilizing data properly, but crave to do so. Let us show you how you can elevate your content management experience by activating the power of your data, resulting in more meaningful and targeted brand experiences. In this session, we’ll show you practical examples of what you can achieve by having a proper data strategy. We will use a bank in Denmark as the use case for demonstrating what can be achieved when data from across the organization is unleashed onto Sitecore. Join us for this session and you’ll be amazed by the amount of signals and knowledge that can be aggregated into the xProfile and how a sales or marketing team could visibly increase value with just a few small tricks. 45 minutes Breakout Tim Ward - CEO, CluedIn
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BO219874 - Empowering your users: Maximizing the content management experience Learn how to maximize the content management experience for your users, ranging from basic features like tooltips and thumbnails to more advanced concepts, such as separating editing interfaces for your site frame and creating entire sections of content in one click by customizing branch templates. 45 minutes Breakout Jeffrey Rondeau - CMS Engineering Team Lead, DEG
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BO220682 - How Sitecore powers the digital transformation and innovation inside Zurich Insurance Zurich Insurance is one of the world's biggest financial services companies in an industry undergoing massive disruption. Sitecore has become the platform of choice for its various functional units, product divisions, and countries looking to digitize their businesses. Join us as we take an in-depth look at innovation and best practices from across the organization including cloud deployments on Azure PaaS, reusable feature store using SXA, headless CMS, e-commerce and omni-channel experiences. We'll also discuss how our innovative architecture enables us to use multiple technology vendors and design agencies to deliver cutting-edge digital customer experiences. 45 minutes Breakout Borja Prado - Global Sitecore Architect, Zurich Insurance
Deepak Mathews - Senior Manager, Digital Experience, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
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BO220969 - Igniting your commerce experience With ever-changing customer demographics, today's retailers, global brand manufacturers, and distributors find themselves struggling to not only keep their customers engaged, but to provide a contextually smart shopping experience. In this session, we'll show you how to create a streamlined customer experience and how to mitigate common issues. In addition, we will talk about our view on the future of commerce and the role of Sitecore Experience Commerce within it. 45 minutes Breakout Thomas John - Sr. Director for Commerce, Rightpoint
Dale Traxler - VP of Commerce, Rightpoint
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BO221092 - Sitecore, machine learning, and one-to-one personalization Personas and rules engine in Sitecore are great, but they are not enough. Consumers today expect one-to-one personalization. They expect retailers to know them and know what they are looking for in real time. Sitecore knows the pages being visited and knows a lot about the customer based on browsing and buying history. The tricky thing is to turn all that knowledge into the experience that delivers the most mutual value. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities and permutations. A Digital Marketer cannot be expected to set up the rules and predictions manually. A platform with strong machine learning algorithms can make the calculations in microseconds and serve up the right content—and then improve its own performance over time. 45 minutes Breakout Krishnan Ramani - Director, Solutions, Altudo
Sathish Balakrishnan - Vice President, Altudo
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BO222753 - Drive adoption and cost efficiencies by transforming self-service technology support in the enterprise People have grown accustomed to extraordinary digital experiences in their personal lives and expect the same caliber of experience within the enterprise. Could investing in the same digital tools and technologies bring value to the user experience at your company? Learn how Pfizer IT is transforming the way it delivers enterprise technology support to drive adoption and achieve cost savings while at the same time providing a great user experience that makes it easier for employees to get work done! 45 minutes Breakout Jaison Smith - Solution Architect, Pfizer
Cynthia Miller - Sr. Manager, Business Technology Self-Service Strategy, Pfizer
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BO229868 - Now containing 50% more Azure Azure has many services that can help you deliver content faster to your customers, secure your web apps, and reduce performance requirements. Join us to discover the latest out-of-the-box Sitecore integrations with Azure and learn how to use these services as part of your next project. 45 minutes Breakout Ciaran McAuliffe - Dir Product Management, Sitecore
Tamas Varga - Technical Evangelist, Sitecore
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BO229870 - Sitecore 9.1 overview In this session, we'll highlight all the new features being shipped in 9.1. 45 minutes Breakout Pieter Brinkman - Sr. Dir. Tech Marketing, Sitecore
Mark Groves - Senior Product Director, Sitecore
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BO229912 - Seven common commerce customizations Sitecore Experience Commerce, including the Experience Accelerator Storefront, provides a whole heap of functionality out of the box, but you will still need to implement your own customizations as part of your implementation. In this session, Rob will go over seven common customizations you'll see on most of your commerce projects, and how to implement them easily using Sitecore Experience Commerce. 45 minutes Breakout Rob Earlam - Technical Evangelist, Sitecore
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BO229914 - The Cortex engine: Process at scale Sitecore 9.1 introduces a new scalable processing engine which powers the Cortex Machine Learning framework, and allows integration to best-of-breed ML tooling. In this session, we will run through the main architectural changes for data processing from previous versions, and how you could set up deployments to deal with scaled environments with xConnect and Sitecore Cortex. 45 minutes Breakout Alistair Deneys - Software Architect, Sitecore
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BO230078 - The challenge of the experience economy Everyone agrees "experience" is the new product. Customers become more loyal to the experience and less to the brand. Automation solutions, data insights, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all technologies necessary for providing better experiences, but executive teams often fail to address strategic planning from a system design perspective. In this session, we'll offer insight on how design, as a way of thinking, can help overcome the evolving challenges of the experience economy. 45 minutes Breakout Mirco Pasqualini - Head of Design, Ogilvy
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BO239637 - Sitecore in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure comprises a growing collection of organized cloud services. In this session, get a brief overview of what’s new in the Azure services stack, why moving to the cloud is instrumental for scalability, and more importantly, which Azure components are leveraged by Sitecore. Also, find out how Microsoft is accelerating Azure’s feature set and infrastructure to better serve customers worldwide. 45 minutes Breakout Michael Acosta - Director, Data Business, Microsoft
Chris Longo - Partner Dev Mgr, Microsoft
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BO219014 - Real-world machine learning - Thirty scenarios where ML makes sense right now ML might be the hottest topic in marketing, but few practitioners know where or how it might work for them. In this session we will explain ML in jargon-free terms and run through 30 situations where marketers can use ML. 45 minutes Breakout Michael Greenberg - Head of Strategy, Hedgehog
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BO219783 - Leading the way: Supercharged Sitecore lead generation We all know that Sitecore has powerful tools to drive your sales and marketing to higher thresholds. However, the jump from switching your website to Sitecore to generating instant results and proven ROI can be difficult to map. This session features perspectives from a Sitecore client and a Sitecore partner engaging in a website transformation to Sitecore. The vision of M/I Homes marketing has always been a strong focus on generating leads. Join us as we discuss the project and the end result, which is a set of highly configurable conversion forms, built specific to the client’s needs which has led to a nearly 20% increase in lead generation. 45 minutes Breakout Russell Cummings - Competency Lead, Fusion Alliance
Will Duderstadt - Digital Marketing Directo, M/I Homes, Inc
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BO220624 - Supersonic Commerce with easyJet The easyJet website accounts for up to 85% of sales. Its digital strategy is a key element of the overall business strategy with three main priorities: driving revenue, extending reach, and cutting costs. easyJet’s first steps into Sitecore and personalization began five years ago and resulted in a 23% jump in conversions. However, until now, the company hadn't deployed personalization to the entire booking process. In this session, get an inside look at easyJet's journey with Sitecore. 45 minutes Breakout Dan Hibbins - Delivery Lead, easyJet
Nick Hills - Principal Developer, Valtech
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BO221078 - Enabling your marketing team to “run” with Sitecore Distributed content management is a critical goal when implementing a new CMS, but how do you do accomplish this in a global organization? How do you empower your teams to use the marketing tools in Sitecore including content management, personalization, optimization, and campaign management? In this session we will present the PMI journey from a traditional IT-led content management approach to a self-service digital marketing model. Embracing the “Crawl, Walk, Run” philosophy, PMI is now utilizing Sitecore’s advanced marketing tools. We will outline the challenges we faced, the decisions we made, the Sitecore implementation approach we took, and our operational model. 45 minutes Breakout Christine Toto - Marketing Technology Lead, Project Management Institute
Pamela King - Sitecore Strategist, TechSense Solutions
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BO221097 - 12 personalization tactics to supercharge your digital experiences In this session, you will learn how to run personalization like a pro. We'll start with easy quick wins like segmentation and then dive deep into taking full advantage of Sitecore xDB, xConnect, and Cortex to power individualization at scale. You'll learn which tactic to use when and understand the foundation for measuring the impact of your personalization program using Sitecore Experience Analytics. 45 minutes Breakout Lars Birkholm Petersen - Co-Founder, Altola, inc.
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BO221123 - Sitecore Managed Cloud for Commerce: Cloud expertise that delivers real business value Running a global ecommerce business can be complex as online merchants face challenges such as delivering an optimized and scalable customer experience while also having to meet critical security and compliance requirements in a diverse and growing marketplace. In this session, we will take a closer look at how to best architect and manage a Sitecore Experience Commerce solution for global B2C and B2B online merchants and how to overcome key obstacles many online merchants face including architecture and scaling, security and compliance, and migrations and upgrades. 45 minutes Breakout Peter Petley - Sr Solutions Architect, Rackspace
Adrianna Bustamante - Director, Channel Sales, Rackspace
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BO221158 - Continuous delivery by design in Azure PaaS - Promoting code and content flexibly and safely with feature toggles and deployment slots The market is changing rapidly, and companies need to act fast and adapt to changes. A product owner and the marketing department wants to apply changes on a regular basis, time to market is very important. Monolith systems are going away, and microservice architecture set up with Sitecore Experience Commerce and JSS is now a best practice. 45 minutes Breakout Bart Plasmeijer - Software Architect - MVP, Valtech_
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BO221196 - The road to Amazon and beyond Are you considering revamping your old commerce site? If so, this session is for you. Discover how to get started with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 and see how you can create an online store that rivals, or goes beyond, the features and functionality of Amazon and AliExpress. We’ll explore using artificial intelligence and machine learning to converse with Alexa and chat bots, calling for advice on a purchase to social media, complying with the GDPR, and more. 45 minutes Breakout Vasiliy Fomichev - Director, Commerce, XCentium
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BO229863 - The Sitecore headless revolution Headless has been the latest buzzword in the industry. While Sitecore was born headless and has been doing it for years, we have revolutionized our headless capabilities. We are now offering a whole suite of headless options that can leverage the full power of the Sitecore Experience Cloud and fit any use case today and in the future. Join this session to explore all the options that we offer today. 45 minutes Breakout Mark van Aalst - Sr. Technical Evangelist, Sitecore
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BO229916 - Sitecore and GDPR: All your personal data are belong to you A practical look at how evolving privacy legislation affects your Sitecore implementation, including a demonstration of what a privacy-focused implementation might look like. Includes an overview of where and why personal data is stored and the features and APIs available to handle personal data responsibly across the platform. And memes! 45 minutes Breakout Martina Welander - Programmer Writer, Sitecore
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BO239225 - Zero to 100 in two months: Hitting the personalization fast track with Toyota What do you do when you’re two months out from launching a major update to one of the world’s most popular cars, and you want to maximize campaign ROI by making it a personalized experience? Toyota Australia called in Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies team (SBOS) and hit the fast track. In this session, we will examine the challenges, solutions, and results from Toyota’s engagement with SBOS around the new Corolla launch, taking the main site from “amnesia” to personalization for a major campaign in record time. We’ll explore how Toyota, its agencies, and Sitecore worked together to solve technical, analytics, page design, and optimization challenges, including the innovative use of marketing taxonomies to identify and segment visitors from acquisition campaigns to personalized messaging. 45 minutes Breakout Alison Sainsbury - Snr Marketing Consultant, Sitecore
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BO249316 - The revolution will be is being personalized Personalized digital interactions drive conversion and reduce fragmentation. Still, research shows that many organizations display the same experiences to everyone, regardless of whether the visitor is an existing customer, a prospect, partner, employee, or job seeker. Getting started with personalization requires a sharp focus on the customer as well as on the people, processes, and technologies needed to support it. In this session, Gene De Libero, digital marketing adjunct at New York University and Sitecore marketing evangelist, will share: what’s required to lay the groundwork for personalization; the key to personalizing all of your channels (email, web, mobile, commerce, kiosk, etc.); three personalization tactics to get started with personalization now; and how new technologies such as AI, VR, and voice can impact personalization. 45 minutes Breakout Gene De Libero - Digital Mktg Evangelist, Sitecore
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BO219015 - Where machine learning meets social #ThinkYouKnowMe Learn how a social network (Twitter) can be combined with machine learning (ML) and leveraged to enhance the user experience. During the presentation, we'll focus on building an online book store using Sitecore Experience Commerce, SXA, xConnect, Twitter API, IBM Personal Insights, IBM Watson, and PowerBI. Most impactfully, we'll see how companies can produce true business impact through user experience WITHOUT storing a user's personal data (gender, twitter name, location, tweets). Using ML techniques, the trained model will recommend products (in this case, books) for the user. We will explore how users based in the Netherlands may have similar interests and needs as users in the U.S. 45 minutes Breakout Una Verhoeven - Senior solution developer, Hedgehog
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BO220640 - Supercharge your author experience with machine learning Content authors face an ever-growing list of new tools and responsibilities that come with a modern digital experience platform. There is mounting pressure for these unsung digital heroes to spend less time fumbling with menu options, assigning taxonomies, or struggling to find the right creative assets and more time identifying segments, setting goals, and personalizating content in an effort to engage consumers. In this session, Sitecore MVPs Mark Stiles and Dan Murphy will introduce practical ways to use machine learning to overcome tedious tasks, use your time more effectively, and focus on high-value work. 45 minutes Breakout Daniel Murphy - Director - BSA, Velir
Mark Stiles - Principal Web Developer, Velir
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BO220699 - Taming the content monster: Six strategies for slaying content creation Improving the user experience is a KPI on nearly everyone’s digital scorecard these days. But have you ever considered the user experience of your content team? If authoring content were easier, would the quality of the content be better? This session will explore ways to simplify the content authoring process and improve the UX of your team. Using real-world examples, the session will show you how to accelerate content assembly and ensure that even the newest content authors can create pages quickly. 45 minutes Breakout Viktoria Shostak - Manager, BA and QA, Brainjocks
Katie Sanford - Delivery Manager, Brainjocks
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BO220961 - An industry leader's journey to a personalized customer experience with Sitecore When Coveo, a leader in Insight Engines and AI-powered search, sought to transform its own website to offer a personalized, contextual, and relevant experience for its constituents, the company had to look no further than fellow industry leader, Sitecore. As a longtime technology partner, there was no doubt that Sitecore was the best fit to deliver a superior user experience. In this session, Coveo shares their digital transformation journey and how its team is leveraging the very latest Sitecore capabilities, including xDB. Discover the best practices that have eased implementation, as well as some lessons that were learned the hard way, and use them to drive successful website projects of your own. 45 minutes Breakout Mark Floisand - Chief Marketing Officer, Coveo
Gautier Lemesle - Interactive Director, Coveo
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BO221044 - World's fastest fully automated continuous delivery pipeline for Sitecore on Azure – how Achmea optimized its development and deployment workflow Achmea is the largest insurance company in the Netherlands and their businesses have the need to deploy good quality code fast and often to Azure with zero downtime. With multiple Sitecore instances for numerous sites which are built and managed by various teams using shared code and shared infrastructure, this can get complicated. That’s why we have defined an approach on how components, modules, and sites should be built, deployed, and tested, while following Sitecore best practices and Helix guidelines. 45 minutes Breakout SMP Lijten - Principal Architect, Achmea
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BO221047 - Need help deciding which sessions to attend at Symposium? Ask our session recommendation engine If you are unsure about which Symposium sessions are right for you, let machine learning (ML) solve your dilemma. Check out our implementation of a Session Recommendation Engine built on Sitecore XP 9 using Sitecore xConnect services and Azure's cognitive services. This ML implementation creates contextual insights from social media interactions, performs segmentation and presents personalized recommendations for the user, showcasing a prelude to what is possible with Sitecore’s ML engine Cortex. 45 minutes Breakout Dmytro Shevchenko - Solution Architect, EPAM Systems
Varun Nehra - Sr. Solution Architect, EPAM
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BO221180 - The full story of how Fujitsu, a global company with 160,000 employees, revamped its communication platform using Sitecore Fujitsu migrated 36 sites scattered across the company, onto Sitecore’s single platform which now sits on their own Fujitsu Cloud infrastructure. The new platform is currently available to Fujitsu’s domestic 30,000 sellers and sales engineers, as well as its partners’ domestic 20,000 sellers and sales engineers. Fujitsu will introduce project details of how they collected and defined users’ needs and how they integrated those requirements onto Sitecore, and how they use Sitecore’s digital marketing capabilities, including personalizing content and analyzing engagements. 45 minutes Breakout Katsumi Morikawa - Manager, Fujitsu Limited
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BO221188 - How to make content authors LOVE using Sitecore Content authors are busy, and generally don't like performing operational tasks and using systems. Many are also non-technical and infrequent users, who can find Sitecore overwhelming, technical, and cumbersome to navigate. But what if you took the time to understand and optimize the authoring experience for content authors? Attend this session and discover how the IMF has evolved its Sitecore environment to be more user-friendly for non-technical authors while automating as much as possible behind the scenes. Plus, see how Sitecore can be extended to reduce clicks and integrate with external processes and systems. 45 minutes Breakout Joshua Sampson - Sr. IT Officer, International Monetary Fund
Aravind Ayyanar - Sr. Sitecore Developer, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
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BO223101 - Your commerce business on one dashboard: Using Sitecore Experience Commerce with Power BI and xConnect to create self-service business intelligence In order to optimize your commerce business, marketers and executives need to have a holistic view of transactions, conversions, and interactions both online and off-line. With Sitecore Experience Analytics data available via xConnect coupled with the Sitecore Experience Commerce data the possibilities for visualization are endless. With Power BI you can quickly merge multiple data sources to provide this view in an easy to use dashboard which can be utilized by all enterprise functions. This all-encompassing view of the enterprise enables every stakeholder to drive the digital destiny forward with data-based decision making through visualization. 45 minutes Breakout Boris Brodsky - Group Manager, Avanade
Benjamin Adamski - Group Manager, Avanade
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BO229864 - Horizon: Uncovering core UX and architectural concepts Tech-savvy content authors and marketers increasingly expect the digital solutions at work to be as easy to use as the consumer applications they use in everyday life. This session will uncover core UX and architectural concepts inside project Horizon – the new Sitecore user interface that aims to help users create amazing experiences powered by insights. 45 minutes Breakout Alec Orlov - Senior Product Manager, Sitecore
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BO238874 - Using B2C strategy to drive a B2B model: How Travel Leaders Group LG put partners at the center of its CX strategy A subsidiary of Travel Leaders Group, is a consumer-focused travel-planning service. In redesigning's business model, TLG wanted to connect more directly with consumers. Learn how Arke and Annuitas along with TLG used Sitecore to create a successful demand-gen program that prioritizes and delivers qualified leads to TLG's booking agents. 45 minutes Breakout Adam Needles - CEO and Principal, Annuitas
Asmita Singh - Vice President, Marketing, Travel Leaders Group
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BO240523 - Driving innovation in the automotive customer experience: Volvo Cars digital transformation With well over 100 years of history, the automotive industry is considered one of the “final frontiers” for digital transformation and e-commerce. In this session, learn how Volvo Cars is evolving its core business and brand experience to meet the demands of modern consumers. By partnering with Avanade and building the experience on Sitecore, Volvo Cars is successfully delivering rich, personalized, intuitive experiences that address the needs of its customer base. The integration of strategy, data, content, and customer-centric UX design generate real top- and bottom-line growth; We’ll share how Volvo is connecting these important pieces and taking a new approach to accelerate innovation and sales. 45 minutes Breakout Rowan Holloway - Senior Product Leader, Volvo Car Corporation
Anthony Wickham - Europe Digital Lead, Avanade
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BO201044 - Working with JSS Gold Master and Marketing Automation Sitecore MVPs Corey Smith and Rick Bauer provide a wide-angle view of JSS and Sitecore Marketing Automation. Focusing on developers, this session provides a high-level understanding of what the end product of Sitecore Marketing Automation should look like from a marketer's perspective based on real-world use cases. Then we'll pop open the hood and show how it was achieved using JSS, including tips, tricks, and lessons learned. 45 minutes Breakout Corey Smith - Solutions Architect, Perficient Digital
Rick Bauer - Lead Technical Consultant, Perficient Digital
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BO201518 - Hundreds of users, thousands of pages, many designs: how to manage it? Southern Methodist University has a single web site running Sitecore for the vast majority of its public-facing marketing content, with some other products thrown in to the mix. How do we manage such a large site, provide for multiple brands for our schools, and keep distributed editors happy? 45 minutes Breakout Aren Cambre - Director, Southern Methodist University
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BO219238 - EXM Live! The magic of email automation Sitecore XP's introduction of Email Experience Manager (EXM) in Sitecore 9 brings together the power of Marketing Automation and connected experiences to the email inbox. Experience a live, interactive demonstration of email automation using EXM powered by Sitecore's Marketing Automation in a fast-paced, audience-driven exercise. Explore the history of EXM and how to scale out its capabilities to send millions of emails. 45 minutes Breakout Pete Navarra - Director, Technical Strategy, Connective DX
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BO219673 - Atlantis The Palm – from personalization project to context marketing program As a leading entertainment resort destination, Atlantis The Palm is a magnificent haven for leisure-seeking families and couples for whom holidays are a precious escape from the everyday world. This session demonstrates how optimization efforts within Sitecore allowed Atlantis to achieve organizational objectives by moving from a successful personalization project (presented at last year’s Symposium) to an ongoing context marketing program. Key 2018 objectives were achieved by strategic planning through the lens of SBOS framework and methodology. Examples of use cases showcase approach and measurement of successful personalization scenarios and content tests. 45 minutes Breakout Hershna Langworth - Director Global eCommerce, Kerzner
Chris Pascoe - Director DigitalMarketing, Atlantis The Palm
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BO219786 - Measure, if you want to go faster Internet-scale load can be a scary thing. When your shiny new site goes from load testing to real-world assault from the Internet, are you confident that your code will perform well? Fear not! Join MVP and battle-hardened developer Jeremy Davis and learn from his experiences building sites that can survive the load spikes caused by peak-time TV advertising. You’ll learn about common developer tools that will help you easily spot and correct problems in your code as well as best practices you can use to make sure your launch is a party and not a crisis. 45 minutes Breakout Jeremy Davis - Software Architect, Kagool
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BO220622 - Strategies to build customer experiences with impact The customer is #1, but are they really at the center of your marketing universe? Research from Avanade and Sitecore reveals that 95% of executives surveyed believe that aspects of their customer experience are in critical need of improvement. So your business needs strategies, skills, and accelerators to help you meet the needs of today’s untethered consumers and deliver customer experience excellence in real-world, micro-moment situations. Join this session to learn how to drive business results with a proven and evolving customer-centric approach that effectively connects people power with the right technologies. 45 minutes Breakout Yasmeen Irani - Digital Marketing Manager, Avanade
Matthew Stegen - Dir, Digital Marketing, Avanade
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BO221161 - Take your Sitecore project to the next level with Node.js Many Sitecore developers still see JavaScript as just a client-side language that’s used to enhance the UI. This session will prove that JS belongs server-side as well, showing how to use Node.js to automate server-side processes. We will cover how to break up client-side JavaScript into component-level Helix-friendly modules that are testable and reusable, and then use gulp to compile them into a single CDN-ready aggregate file. This approach makes code easier to maintain, makes environments more stable, and reinforces Helix principles of simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. 45 minutes Breakout Anastasiya Flynn - Sitecore Architect, Arke Systems
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BO223112 - Improving the editing experience for content authors at Grand Circle Corporation We delivered an Experience Editor makeover to help streamline updates to a complicated content hierarchy in a multi-site setup. In this presentation, we will walk through the improvements we made to the content management process for our content team, including reorganizing content and implementing creative uses of Experience Editor-only design elements, edit frame options, custom reordering functionality, modification to clones, and an extension to the publishing pipeline. For content editors, this eliminated time-consuming and tedious processes. Now we're using Sitecore for day-to-day content creation and editing, replacing a patchwork of other tools. The result is a more efficient workflow and a much happier content team. 45 minutes Breakout Erica Corry - Content Analyst, Oat Travel
Anne Saulnier - PMO, Coria
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BO223114 - Expand the reach of your Sitecore content with voice-activated assistants Why not extend the value of your Sitecore content via an Amazon Alexa? Using the Sitecore items already in your content tree you can help customers answer questions such as “What are the hours for the Chicago store today?” and many more. In the world of APIs and artificial intelligence, it is now possible to easily tie Sitecore APIs and Alexa skills together to answer these questions. This session will cover how to easily create RSS and JSON feeds of dynamic content so that your customers can “ask” for information using voice-activated assistants. 45 minutes Breakout Jeroen de Groot - Group Manager, Avanade
Benjamin Adamski - Group Manager, Avanade
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BO229866 - Inside Cortex In today’s world, everything is data driven, more so when you start to think about driving value with machine learning (ML). We have spent a long time finding the right architecture for machine learning in Sitecore, so that our customers and partners can take advantage of the wealth of experience data that they collect. In this session, we will walk you through the features that our new Cortex Machine Learning framework provides in 9.1, and how you can take advantage of the new and powerful tooling. 45 minutes Breakout Colin te Kempel - Principal Product Manager, Sitecore
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BO245468 - Lessons learnt in implementing commerce into an established content management environment Thule was established in Sweden in 1942 and is an international group of people united by a passion for helping active families and outdoor enthusiasts. With over 80 markets and 20 languages on, using the Sitecore CMS has been instrumental in the company’s global online presence for over a decade now. Together with Consid and Sitecore we developed a solution that was tightly integrated with our PIM, ERP, tax and payment providers. In this session, we’ll discuss the needs, challenges of implementing a commerce solution into an existing Sitecore CMS platform. 45 minutes Breakout Jenny Wassmer - Ecommerce Sales Director, Thule
Thomas Horrdin - Technical Team Lead, Consid
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BO220335 - Helix and JavaScript Services (JSS) JavaScript Services (JSS) is a completely new way of developing your digital experience on Sitecore. In this session, Sitecore Technology MVP Jeff L'Heureux will demonstrate how to apply the Sitecore Helix principles to the development of new sites using JSS to keep them and their project architectures clean, maintainable, and flexible. 45 minutes Breakout Jean-François L'Heureux - Tech Evangelist, Coveo
BO220677 - Let the machines do it! Using semantic technology and AI to create “smart content” and deliver personalized experiences Artificial intelligence and machine learning are high-tech buzzwords these days, but the Wyanoke Group started exploring these technologies for very utilitarian purposes. With 200K+ pieces of content in Sitecore, it was a daunting task to expect humans to properly, consistently, and uniformly associate accurate metadata. However, recognition that proper attribution of content metadata would allow for faster and more informed business decisions drove us to find a programmatic solution that would improve in-house content knowledge discovery and more ideas for personalization! 45 minutes Breakout Linda Baker - CTO, The Wyanoke Group
Christina Deno - Web Developer, The Wyanoke Group
BO220686 - Sitecore Commerce in action: Improved customer experience for Jonastone, a German retailer This session exemplifies the possibilities of Sitecore commerce in terms of storefront capabilities and personalizing customer experiences. Deep insights will be provided into architectural details, personalization and marketing automation strategies. The session is using as usecase (launch date: August 2018), a german retailer specialized in selling floor tiles and terrace plates. 45 minutes Breakout Simon Schramm - CMS Division Manager, OSF Global Services
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